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Hanna Barriga

The importance of experimental conditions on lipids, membrane proteins and their interactions

Emma Behjat

Metallo receptors for inositol phosphates

Victoria Benjamin

Towards the Synthesis of an Inhibitor of Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay

Jonathan Blockley

Lipid-shelled Microbubbles

John Blood

Single-molecule FRET studies of protein disulphide-isomerase (PDI)

Richard Bradshaw

Theory vs. Experiment in probing a prototypical PPI

Michael Chow

Membrane curvature - how do reticulons contribute?

Mirella Koleva

Sonic Hedgehog’s adventures under the microscope

Matthew Lilley

Application of Stable Analogues of Phosphohistidine to the Study of Cell Signaling Pathways

Rosa Macey

Bridging the In Vivo, In Vitro Divide in Non-Specific Binding

Victoria Marlow

Towards the Mechanism of Acetolactate Decarboxylase

Maija Maskuniitty

Fluorescence anisotropy measurements of substrate binding to FMDV 3C protease.

Tom McAllister

Synthesis and Evaluation of Stable Analogues of Phosphorylated Amino Acids

Kim McKelvey

SECM Imaging: separating topography and activity

Cassey McRae

NMR-Based Profiling of Ovarian Follicular Fluid and Plasma

Katherine Meadows

A New View of Membrane Transport Processes: Experiment and Simulation

Rebecca Nonoo

Fragment Tethering To Identify Novel Inhibitors of Cdc25 Phosphatases

Fay Probert

Protein traitor aids viral invader: investigation of DC-SIGNR structure and function via NMR

Sarah Rosen

Parameterising Inositol 1,3,4,5-Tetrakisphosphate for use in Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Thomas Seaby

Single molecule studies on actin folding kinetics by the eukaryotic chaperonin CCT

Evyenia Shaili

Synthesis and targeting of photoactivable platinum compounds

Dale Shepherd

Investigating Virus Capsid Assembly by Mass Spectrometry

Richard Snowdon

Bacterial cell division: A biophysical and molecular modelling based approach.

Luke Taylor

Transport of Nitrates and Nitrites Across Mammalian Cell Membranes.

Daniel Turner

Bacterial Cell Division: Electron microscopy of FtsZ fibres and analysis of their bending fluctuations

Gillian Whyte

Substrate-directed synthesis of chemical receptors for PIP3

Megan Wright

Chemical tools for probing N-myristoylation

Warren Yabsley

Metabolomics: A New Technique To Identify Arterial Disease