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Session 1:

Sociology Room O.18 Chair: Liam Jones

1430 - 1450

Helen Phillips

Methods for identification of methylated arginine residues in nuclear protein complexes

1450 – 1510

Jie Chu

Investigation of paralogous metallothioneins in a coastal cyanobacterium

1510 – 1530

Bryn Monnery

The synthesis of linear poly(alkylenimine)s to determine the effects upon cellular membranes

Sociology Room O.19 Chair: Barry Silver

1430 - 1450

Jennifer Edwards

Optimisation of Culture Conditions for a 3D Human Bone Model

1450 – 1510 Matthew Bano

Using meta-dynamics to accelerate molecular dynamics simulations of bio-mineralisation

1510 – 1530

John Phillips

Using Optical Trapping Methods to Study Membrane Proteins in Single Cells

Humanities O.52 Chair: Max Joseph

1430 - 1450

Chloe Child

Measuring the Non-Specific binding Properties and Synthesis of Novel Drug Molecules

1450 – 1510

Simon England

New chemical approaches towards the treatment of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

1510 – 1530

Carla Pegoraro

Polymersome penetration into human skin


Session 2:

Sociology Room O.18 Chair: Mike Downey

1600 - 1620

Emma Cooke

Using Bayesian hierarchical clustering on time-series microarray data to identify genes that are co-regulated during a stress response

1620 - 1640

Amanda Beddows


1640 - 1700

Arwen II Tyler

‘Under Pressure’: Static and Time-Resolved X-ray Studies of Inverse Phases in Cholesterol / Lipid Mixtures

Sociology Room O.19 Chair: Matt bano

1600 - 1620

Alexandra Berry

Rab prenylation in Choroideremia: A chemical proteomics approach

1620 - 1640

Matt Hicks


1640 - 1700

Robert Felstead

Chemical Genetic dissection of Histone Deacetylase Function

Humanities O.52 Chair: Nigel Dyer

1600 - 1620

Chirag Patel

Selective Molecular Networks to Unravel Cell Signalling

1620 - 1640

Max Joseph

Parallel synthesis of regulatory module mutant libraries

1640 - 1700

Daneil Billingsley

Convergent transcription and nested gene models studied by Atomic Force Microscopy

Session 3:

Sociology Room O.18 Chair: Vicky marlow

0930 - 0950

Nigel Dyer

Getting more from ChIP-chip and ChIP-seq data

0950 - 1010

Lucy Rayner

AAA Proteins – Using Chemistry to Understand a Universal Biomolecular Machine

1010 - 1030

Hayley Fenton

NMR based matabolomic studies in transplantation: dealing with time series data

Sociology Room O.19 Chair: Kate Meadows

0930 - 0950

Fabrice Gielen

Dielectrophoretic routes towards time-resolved analysis of cellular membrane dynamics

0950 - 1010

Mike Downey

Transcriptional Signatures of Single Cell Lineages

1010 - 1030

Louise Way

The effect of Obesity on the Morphology and Mechanics of Tendons