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MOAC/CBC Student Conference 2006

On 26 Jan 2006, Imperial College Department of Chemistry hosted a joint informal conference between students from Imperial's Chemical Biology Centre (CBC) and Warwick's MOAC Doctoral Training Centre. You can view the conference booklet [PDF].

Modern medicine and biology present many exciting challenges that require input from mathematicians, physicists, chemists and engineers. To supply appropriately trained people, the Life Sciences Interface programme has established seven Doctoral Training Centres that offer an exciting new multidisciplinary approach to postgraduate training.

Doctoral Centre Students from Imperial College (Chemical Biology Centre) and from University of Warwick (Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells) will be presenting their work during the course of a day long seminar. This aims to encourage interactions and co-operation between researchers and develop a network of multidisciplinary scientists. We hope that these interactions will continue throughout the year until next year's similar event...

Xavier and Adair
26th January 2006

The event was organised by PhD students Xavier Mulet (CBC) and Adair Richards (MOAC):


We had posters from first year PhD students, and a series of talks from second and third year PhD students.


Ulrich explaining his poster on "Analysis of Genetic Networks":


Jasmine and Nacer looking at more posters during lunch:


Gabriel Altschuler from the Chemical Biology Centre (CBC)/Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) talking about Anfinson's ideas in protein folding:


Some of the Warwick contingent even managed to visit the Natural History Museum during the lunch break:


You can download the conference booklet [PDF].