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January 2014 Graduation

Congratulations to the 2012 MSc cohort and PhD graduate receiving their degrees!


Above: MOAC MSc 2012 cohort, from left: Richard Lowery, Ruth Harbord, Katherine Lloyd, Daniel Griffiths, Don Praveen Amarasinghe, David Perry, Professor Alison Rodger, Gareth Price, Daniel Simpson, Christine Lockey and Victor Quan.

MOAC MSc 2012 cohort

Above: MOAC MSc 2012cohort, from left: Victor Quan, Richard Lowery, Ruth Harbord, Christine Lockey, Katherine Lloyd, Don Praveen Amarasinghe, Daniel Simpson, Daniel Griffiths and Glen Dorrington.

Dr Victoria Marlow

Above from left: Professor Martin Wills, Dr Victoria Marlow and Professor Vilmos Fulop.

Dr Victoria Marlow and co

Above from left: Professor Alison Rodger, Professor Martin Wills, Dr Victoria Marlow, Professor Vilmos Fulop and Professor Robert Freedman.