Mark had a CT scan yesterday evening. I get the impression they may begin to try to wake him up today but the sedatives he is on are slow clearing ones, so again patience is the order of the day. So how do I deal with the inability to control things??? I understand that one of the aspects of anorexia is that food is an aspect of life that some people can control - as I fail on that one, I have just got a rubbish skip so I can get the satisfaction of disposing of some of those things that 'just might be useful' but have not been for 17 or more years (some were inherited with the house!). An amazing fellow managed to deposit it in the driveway. I ordered a medium size one - hopefully it will be big enough for the task. My plan is to put some of the stuff I have collected on the kitchen floor in, then add material from the garage, and then move some surplus furniture into the garage until Carriers of Hope can collect it (unless I can work out an alternative delivery strategy to them). This is a displacement activity if I ever heard of one!