I really should learn to check this forum is engaged before loosing my messages. I am sure my first version was better written!

We are continuing to learn lessons in patience. Mark's death needs to go to the coroner so we won't get a death certificate until about Tuesday - I deduce this is because he didn't regain consciousness after surgery rather than anything else. I have been engaging in skip-filling therapy and Elisbaeth and I continued our clearing up for Australia by beginning to look at Mark's clothes while Rowena was at school and her sports dinner yesterday - we are all keeping being as normal as possible and working to plan, though Elisabeth and I still can't remembert what we went into Tescos to buy (we came out with 4 armfuls of other stuff). Our finances are somewhat more challenging as I always flippantly said there was no point in both of us wasting mental energy on them. We still have our 1994 tax return so it is challenging to find what I need to look at! I can't even remember what we had shares in. Some years ago when the government went through a privitisation process, Mark did not approve at all so he bought our 'share' in the companies so he could still consider them public. As far as I can work out, he often didn't even cash the (small) dividend cheques that came - he did not approve of automatic bank transfers in either direction ...  More generally, at the moment, although we miss Mark very much, we are also overhwelmed by our loving community of family and friends who are all reflecting back just a little bit of him to us. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.