This is by way of saying thank you to people without specifically embarrassing them. We have been blessed with more offers of help than even I have been able to deploy, and I am very good at giving students useful tasks! A few of the offers came just at a time when something was getting on top of me and I have been so grateful to have it lifted off. Examples include: A few days ago our entry hallway was covered with bags for Carriers of Hope and someone removed the bags so we can get into the front of the house. The kitchen/family room floor had some dirt and a range of, I thought, immovable marks on it. But now it looks amazing - I'd like to think the 'Brownie' (for those of you who grew up in the Guide and Scout movements) found a wonderful cleaning product but fear it may just be skill! Two other lovely people have helped me turn piles of mystery papers into those that really were junk and the remainder into some sort of logical sense and begin that process of contacting everyone who needs to know. And many people have helped us organise the cremation and memorial service events. Just as a warning to those of you who haven't been to one of our events: we will be assuming that you will make yourselves at home in our house, which translates to: if you want something go and find it and offer the same service to someone else. If you are coming to tea today, entry will be via the side door near the garage. The little raindrops on the Met Office site have moved away from this afternoon so you should be able to enjoy the garden. Thank you everyone.