Well there is no real news on Mark. He has had a bacterial infection which has caused him to be moved into a side room but it all seems under control. The nursing staff seem universally wonderful - though slightly surprised when I visit at 6 am. The consensus seems to be that they will try to wake Mark tomorrow, but it may take days.

Among the silver linings we keep finding are that Elisabeth, Rowena and I had a lovely time at Laurence and Steph's wedding, really enjoying spending time just being with Mark's side of the family on the big day itself (Friday) as well as the days before and a day afterwayds. I came back by train on the Saturday and then chewed my nails worrying about the girls driving back today. In the end the biggest danger seems to have been teh cakes at Gloucester services which they really enjoyed visiting! This afternoon a crowd of friends from church descended and transformed our front garden to help us get ready to sell the house. I hope they are not all too stiff and sore tonight, but they can definitely feel a sense of satisfaction for a job well done. It gave us a real sense of a wider family around us for which we are really grateful.