Following a pulmonary embolism yesterday afternoon, despite the best efforts of the UHCW staff, Mark's blood pressure just faded away and he went to be with his Lord and God. The three of us were able to spend time sitting with him yesterday evening. We shall be OK as long as no-one asks us how we are and you can put up with the occasional aberation of behaviour. We can't find words to express how much we have valued our family and friends in recent days. Thank you! Please bear in mind that we are all on the 'Introvert' end of the Myers Briggs personality traits so our natural state is fairly uncommunicative - for which we apologise in advance.

I have opened this forum for replies in case it will help you to be able to share something with Mark's wider community. Please pass on the news to anyone who isn't on my Christmas 'card' email list - which actually includes many people we see frequently and know very well as they didn't need a letter to hear about us.