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I have collaborative projects ongoing with several groups from both within and without the University of Warwick.

Prof. Mitch Singer (University of California, Davis): Pho-like two-component systems of M. xanthus involved with fruiting body formation.

Prof. David Rand and Dr. Barbel Finkenstadt (Mathematics and Statistics, respectively) : mathematical and statistical approaches to model two-component protein interactions. PhD student: Peter Cock.

Dr. Sara Kalvala (Department of Computer Science) : Computational emulation of biological signalling pathways, using motility of M. xanthus as a model system. PhD student: Antony Holmes

Other collaborative projects include: Analysis of the Red pathways responsible for regulating the timing of development in M. xanthus with Dr. P. Higgs (now at the MPI, Marburg; Abstract), and projects to sequence and annotate the genomes of two myxobacteria; Myxococcus xanthus TIGR and Monsanto) and Sorangium cellulosum.