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The Group

(small but perfectly formed)

Peter Cock, MOAC PhD student.

Peter is studying the interaction between two-component system proteins, mediated by their transmitter and receiver domains. He is co-supervised by Barbel Finkenstadt (Statistics) and David Rand (Mathematics).

  • DE Whitworth and PJA Cock (2008) Two-component systems of the myxobacteria: structure, diversity and evolutionary relationships. Microbiol. (UK) 154, 360-372. Abstract

  • PJA Cock and DE Whitworth (2007) Evolution of prokaryotic two-component signalling pathways: gene fusions and fissions. Mol. Biol. Evol. 24, 2355-2357. Abstract.

  • More...

Antony Holmes, MOAC PhD student.

Antony is studying how to apply computational approaches to modelling spatial oragnisation of biological systems - particularly how to correlate macroscopic behaviour with underlying signalling pathway properties. He is co-supervised by Sara Kalvala (Computer Science).

  • DE Whitworth, AB Holmes, AG Irvine, DA Hodgson, DJ Scanlan (2008) P-acquisition components of the Myxococcus xanthus Pho regulon are 2 regulated by both P-availability and development. J Bacteriol., in press. Abstract

George Sawa, BBSRC strategic studentship in Bioinformatics/eScience

George is also studying two-component system protein-protein interactions. His work is a mixture of experimental interaction testing, and computational simulation (atomistic).

As time passes and their studies progress, more details of each person's research will be added here.

Past Members:

Lisa Evans, project student

Although Lisa was only with us for a few weeks during her final year undergraduate project, she was tremendously successful and her work was recently published (Abstract).