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Benjamin Smith - ePortfolio

I am currently studying for a PhD in Mathematical Biology through the Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Warwick.

About My Research

Department: Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells

Research Group: Clinical Sciences Research Institute

Supervisor: Dr Graham Ladds

Second Supervisors: Professor David Rand

The pheromone response pathway in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
The project aims are to investigate a number of key mechanisms involved in the intra-cellular signalling of the pheromone response pathway in Sz. pombe. Amongst the components of the pathway are a G-protein coupled receptor, which responds to an extracellular stimulus; an Rgs protein, which acts to regulate the activity of the G-protein; a Ras protein, which directs signal through different branches of the pathway; and a multiply activated transcription factor. Through a combination of genetic, biochemical and mathematical studies we have devised a novel kinetic model for the mechanism of G protein signalling which we have found is applicable regardless of whether the signal propagator is the alpha or beta-gamma subunit of the G protein. Experimental data agrees with model predictions and the integrated approach has produced an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms at work within the pathway. Furthermore, we have abstracted the core regulatory motif that imbues the system with its most important behaviour and analysed it for robustness in the input-output transmission ratio.

Year Started: 2005

Funding: EPSRC


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