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Lahari de Alwis

Welcome to my MOAC webpage.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Drink deep, or drink not from the Pyrenean Spring;
whereby a little intoxicates the brain
and only drinking largely sobers it again.

The words of Alexander Pope and the reason why I am here today.

Having completed my first degree in Maths and Physics at Warwick and Part III of the Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge (where I studied theoretical astrophysics), I found this programme at MOAC to be the perfect opportunity to, not only extend my knowledge to the fields of biology and chemistry, but also to make use of what I had already learnt.

The MSc year of the course was interesting and rewarding, although (or perhaps because!) it was demanding and challenging. Having got the groundwork from the 8 modules (in 2 terms, which means a lot of work in a short period of time), the mini-projects were a refreshing foray into the world of practical science. These were especially of interest to me as I had no experience in practical biology and had not been in a lab since my A’levels.

As a result of my findings from my chemistry mini-project, I was able to obtain a research topic for my PhD in the area of fluid dynamics and molecular modelling. It is hoped that the end result of my research will aid in improving the technique of linear dichroism, as a valuable spectroscopic tool.

MOAC is not all about working and researching. Being a member of the MOAC community has been a lovely experience. The people are very welcoming and friendly and the relaxed atmosphere of the MOAC common room is perfect for informal discussion or heated argument on any subject. I feel that this last year has broadened my horizons, not only in terms of knowledge but also on a personal level.


 MSc year of the course

 My PhD

Photograph (rotated by 90º) of fluid flow in a LD cell.