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Useful Notes

Restrict width of paragraph to width of small picture

Use the style="max-width: 300px" in the html paragraph tag.

<img src="picture.example" />
<p style="max-width: 300px">Long line of text; usually wider than picture.</p>

Find function/effect of a certain Gentoo USE flag

Making sure you have emerged gentoolkit (emerge gentoolkit)

euse -i bash_completion

The output is

global use flags (searching: bash-completion)
[+ C  ] bash-completion - Enable bash-completion support

local use flags (searching: bash-completion)
no matching entries found

And this shows that USE=bash-completion in /etc/make.conf would "enable bash-completion support" globally.

To get colour output using colorgcc and scons

import os
env = Environment(ENV = {'PATH' : os.environ['PATH'],
                         'TERM' : os.environ['TERM'],
                         'HOME' : os.environ['HOME']})