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Academic Background

Mathematics Institute Sculpture outside Coventry House

Motivation for MOAC

I completed my Mathematics MMath degree (Honours, 1st class) at the Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick in the summer of 2004. I chose MOAC because I really wanted to broaden my horizons in terms of applications of mathematics to biochemistry, and so far it has failed to disappoint.

Before finding MOAC, I considered doing a PhD in Mathematics, but in four years of university mathematics I could not find a topic I was really interested in as to study it very deeply. I would recommend MOAC to anyone with a strong mathematics-based degree to greatly expand the range of PhD topics open to them, either looking at the application of numerate disciplines to chemistry and biology but also to engage with the wide scienific community. Also, MOAC actively encourages team working, which from my experience of mathematics research does not happen to the scale of MOAC.

About Me

Name Prakash Patel
Date of Birth 07/10/1983
Place of Birth Leicester, UK