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Ratchada Pattaranit

' Sawasdee ' is a Thai way of saying ' hello ' . Thailand, the land of the smiles, is where I come from.

After I finished my high school in Thailand, luckily I got The Royal Thai Government Scholarship to continue my study in UK from undergraduate all the way through the PhD so that is why I am here.

  My educational background:

A-level: Maths, Further Maths and Physics ( 1-year course ) in Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies ( CCSS ), Cambridge.

My first degree was here in Warwick, BSc in Mathematics between 2001-2004.

I did my MSc in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry (MOAC)

"I find this course very interesting because it combines all sorts of Science subjects together. I never thought that there would be these many applications in Science before yeah!, it is great. Although so far we have so much work to do, it really enhances our skills in doing reserach and train us many new knowledge and skills in those Science subjects"

During my MSc degree in MOAC, I had done 3 mini-projects in three different subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology which the titles are shown as follows:

 Mathematics: Model of the Cell Cycle and Approximation Analysis of Network Dynamic

Supervisors: Dr Luca Sbano and Dr Markus Kirkilionis, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick


Chemistry: Preparation and Characterisation of Langmuir-Blodgett Phospholipid Bilayers on Solid Supports as a Model for Studying Lateral Proton Diffusion at Cell Membranes

Supervisors: Professor P.R. Unwin and Dr A.L. Whitworth, Chemistry Department, University of Warwick


Biology: Distribution of PrP Neuronal Cells Revealed by Immunofluorescence Labelling

Supervisors: Teresa J.T. Pinheiro and Narinder Sanghera, Bioscience Department, University of Warwick

Currently, I'm now taking PhD course in MOAC. I am in a third year.

My (current) Title: A Mechanism of Glucose Sensing in the Hypothalamic Arcuate Nucleus of the Rat Brain: Mathematical and Electrophysiological Approach

Supervisors: (1) Dr Hugo van den Berg, Warwick Systems Biology, University of Warwick

(2) Professor David Spanswick, Research Chair in Diabetes, Clinical Sciences Research Institute, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick

Advisory Committee: (1) Professor Peter Stanfield, Molecular Physiology, Bioscience, University of Warwick

(2) Prof. Nigel Burroughs, Warwick Systems Biology, University of Warwick

(3) Professor Jianfeng Feng, Computer Science, University of Warwick


Bodyweight and energy stores are maintained by a homeostatic feedback system involving glucose and lipid stores, short-term meal related signals and nutrients. Information regarding energy status of the body is relayed to areas of the brain dedicated to controlling and maintaining energy balance. Key brain areas, such as the arcuate nucleus (ARC), in the hypothalamus form an interface between the central nervous system and periphery. They function to receive and process information regarding the energy status of the body, responding to signals such as insulin, and glucose levels. They constitute the origins of the central neural response for the control of energy balance and form connections with other brain areas for the control of food intake and energy expenditure, therefore, completing the feedback loop to maintain bodyweight within narrow limits. Imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure underpins obesity and diabetes, both significant health issues at present. This project seeks to increase our understanding of key mechanisms involved in regulating energy balance, in the first instance by studying insulin-glucose regulation and signalling and the role of free fatty acids using both a mathematical modelling approach and an electrophysiological approach in brain slices to investigate glucose sensing mechanism in the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus of the brain.



Thanks to all especially big thanks to Alison, the head of those who are running this course, and yes I am glad to know all of you here MOAC people.

Ratchada Pattaranit ( JooB )