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Protein exclusion from the eukaryotic cell nucleus: modelling receptor-mediated transport


For my final miniproject I examined protein exclusion from the cell nucleus via nuclear transport receptor mediated translocation. The original mathematical model, which the new model, model M, I formulated is based on, was formulated to model the RanGTPase system by Görlich et al. in 2003.

I extended the model to incorporate the NTF2-pathway (recycling of RanGDP to the nucleus), extended RanGAP pathway (conversion of RanGTP to RanGDP by RCC1, to include RanBP1-bound and unbound RanGTP) and CAS mediated export of importin alpha. In total the new model included 63 parameters with 39 species.

The reaction scheme consisting of 40 reactions was modelled in Gepasi 3.0 and ODE simulations were performed in Mathematica 5.0. Initial rates of depletion and accumulation were also calculated for two sets of initial conditions.