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Effect of bacteriophages on host physiology, Leicester-Warwick Meeting - University of Leicester (January)

Joint DTC Conference, University of Warwick - Coventry (April)

Biosymposium, Department of Biological Sciences - University of Warwick (May)

MOAC Annual Conference, Langdale Youth Hostel - Lake District (May)

Sequencing the Seas Conference, Royal Society - London (May-June)

EPSRC Life Science Interface DTC Conference, University of Edinburgh - Edinburgh (June)

Chemistry Symposium, Department of Chemistry - University of Warwick (June)


CBC/MOAC Life Sciences Conference , London (January)

MOAC Annual Conference, Broad Haven Youth Hostel - Harverfordwest, Pembrokeshire (May)


MOAC Annual Conference, Snowdon Ranger Youth Hostel - Snowdonia (May)