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Computational biology journal club

Time: Every Monday, 2-3pm

Location: CS101, Computer Science Dept, university of Warwick

Please note that the newly updated schedule is changed to :
This page will be removed soon...



9th Oct, 2006 Jing Kang

Paul Miller and Xiao-Jing Wang, Inhibitory Control by an Integral Feedback Signal in Prefrontal Cortex: a Model of Discrimination between Sequential Stimuli. PNAS, 103:201-206 (2006)



16th Oct, 2006 James

Leigh R. Hochberg, John P. Donoghue, et al, Neuronal ensemble control of prosthetic devices by a human with tetraplegia, Nature, 442, 164-171, (2006).



23rd Oct, 2006 Jianhua

 Bruno B., Peter E., et al, Neural correlations, population coding and computation, Nat. Rev. Neurosci., 5:358-367, (2006) .



30th Oct, 2006 Enrico

"Hierarchical Temporal Memory: Concepts, Theory, and Terminology" by Jeff Hawkins and Dileep George



6th Nov, 2006 Micheal




13th Nov, 2006 Ritesh

Adriano V. Werhli, Marco Grzegorczyk and Dirk Husmeier, Comparative evaluation of reverse engineering gene regulatory networks with relevance networks, graphical gaussian models and bayesian networks, Bioinformatics, 22(20):2523-2531, (2006).



20th Nov, 2006




27th Nov, 2006 Parkinson's Day in Math building




4th Dec, 2006 Bo Yang

 Sen Song, et al, Highly Nonrandom Features of Synaptic Connectivity in Local Cortical Circuits, plos biology, 3(3): e68 (2005)




11th Dec, 2006




18th Dec, 2006



Yang's paper