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Thundrbird for Outlook Config

Download DavMail

Give DavMail the following config

Set URL:
IMAP port: 1143
Local SMTP: 1025
Caldav HTTP:1080
Loal LDAP: 1389

Open Thunderbird and set up a new account
Account Type: IMAP
Server Name: localhost
User Name: your warwick log-in name ..without
Use secure connection: None
Port: 1143

Outgoing SMTP:
Server: localhost
User: warwick log-in name without
Port: 1025
Security: None
**Note for the Outgoing SMTP campus , it needs to be configured w.r.t your ISP...on campus IT services have a SMTP setting to use.

works for outlook 2003 run DavMail first then Thunderbird