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Emma Cooke

PhD Title: Analysis of the interaction between Botrytis cinerea and a host Arabidopsis thaliana using high throughput data

Supervisors: Dr Katherine Denby (Systems Biology and Life Sciences) and Prof. David Wild (Systems Biology)


Conferences Attended

  • The R User Conference, University of Warwick, August 2011 (Poster)
  • School of Life Sciences postgraduate symposium, Univeristy of Warwick, May 2011 (Talk)
  • Joint DTC conference, Imperial College London, May 2011
  • 21st Annual MASAMB (Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Molecular Biology) workshop, Biocenter Vienna, April 2011 (Talk)
  • HRI postgraduate symposium, Warwick HRI, May 2010 (Poster)
  • CBC-MOAC-White Rose Joint DTC conference, Univeristy of Warwick, April 2010 (Talk)
  • HRI postgraduate symposium, Warwick HRI, May 2009 (Abstract)
  • UK Plant Systems Biology Meeting, Warwick HRI, March 2009
  • Network Inference in Genetic Studies; the GeneSys Inaugural Meeting, e-Science Institute Edinburgh, October 2008


  • The time series clustering algorithm described in Cooke et al. 2011 has been implemented in the R/Bioconductor package, BHC.


  • Teaching assistant for BS364 Post Genomic Research practical (2009 - 2011)