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Since October 2008 I have been at Warwick studying at the MOAC DTC for my MSc. I have completed modules in probability and statistics, molecular modelling and gene expressin amongst others. Having completed the taught section of the MSc I am currently embarking on the miniproject research section.

My first miniproject involves using MATLAB to model actin dynamics in Dictyostelium. This project involves developing a model for actin patch formation, growth and eventual maturation into propagating wave-type structures that resemble those observed in fluorescence experiments.

My second minproject involves inserting lipid bilayers across nanopore holes cut into diamond supports. By treating the surface of the diamond, it is hoped that lipid monolayers can be formed which will hold single ion channels in the vicinity of the pore so that single channel measurments can be reliably performed.

My third miniproject involves developing a novel, enzyme-based biosensor capable of sensing cytokinins, which are produced by plants (modelled by Arabidopsis thaliana) in response to wounding. Princple aims are to fully characterise the response of the biosensor and its use to sense cytokinins in plant cell culture.

I hope that my minproject experience will give me insight into the work performed in a variety of areas which I have been previously unfamiliar with. I also look forward to the opportunity to developing links with potential PhD supervisors.