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Other systems

The LENR field is much, much bigger than Rossi. There are a number of different LENR systems that have been studied for many years. There are also other systems where no claim is made that it is LENR, but where there are characteristics that suggest that LENR might be a factor in what is happening

Acknowledged LENR systems

There has been a recent presentation to the World sustainable energy conference in Geneva Jan 10-12 2012 which gives a very good overview of all the different systems currently being studied

Other options

This is where it gets interesting.

Palladium/Deuterium glow discharge systems

In these systems use glow discharge across a gap with a voltage of the order of 4-6kV in a deuterium gas atmosphere with a deuterated palladium cathode. Positively charged deuterium ions will hit the palladium surface with energies of 4-6keV of energy. Results that have been seen include:


This is particularly fascinating, in that the results presented are very good and detailed (if only we had similar detail for the Rossi system), excess energy is claimed, no LENR/cold fusion is claimed and yet the physical explanation that is given makes no sense. It is also linked with an organisation called gifnet ( However both of these websites are very cold with no changes since 2005, and with dead email links.

The only current work seems to be associated with Alexandre Frolov in Russia