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MOAC MSc Year and Publications

MSc Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry - The University of Warwick

  • Mathematical modelling of biological systems
  • Biophysical Chemistry (Circular and Linear Dichroism, NMR, Mass Spec)
  • Basic Chemistry
  • Microscopy
  • Statistics for Biological Systems
  • Numerical Analysis

Computational Mini-Project

A Model of Spatial Predator-Prey Dynamics in a Myxobacteria Colony

Biophysical Mini-Project

Characterisation of Methanethiol Oxidase using Circular Dichroism

Experiment Biology Mini-Project

Purification of methanethiol oxidase from Methylophaga thiooxidans


Nash. A, Kalvala, S. A Framework Proposition for Cellular Locality of Dictyostelium Modelled in Pi-Calculus. Complex Systems Modelling and Simulation, 2009.