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Interactive Hybrid Projection Simulations

Welcome to the interactive examples of the hybrid projection model for swarm behaviour.

To begin click a position on the phase plane on the right. Each coloured square represents a different set of values for the alignment and projection terms within the model (the colour of the square represents the expected polarisation of the swarm, red = very polarised). You can select a new position at any time.

 anis This button will alow you to change between isotropic and anisotropic individuals.

All videos contain 100 independent individuals traveling off lattice with constant speed. The size and speed of the individuals and the length of the timestep are set to unity.

The alignment term considers only an individuals' 4 nearest neighbours.

Each individual reacts to the projection and alignment terms with the weightings phip.png and phia.png, respectively, with the noise having weighting phin.png.

  0.85 1.png        
  0.65 1.png 7.png      
phip 0.45 1.png 7.png 6.png
  0.25 1.png 7.png 5.png
  0.05 1.png 7.png 7.png
    0.05 0.25 0.45 0.65 0.85