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Role of Gap Junctions in Determining the Connectivity and Synchronicity of the Myometrial Smooth Muscle Network

The aim of this project is to understand how intercellular communications via gap junctions shape the dynamics of the myometrial smooth muscle network in its transition from quiescence to increased activity associated with labour. I will be doing this in 3 stages; using theoretical models to influence experiments, and vice versa.

1. Using voltage sensor imaging to probe the spread of electrotonic potential in response to current injection into a 3D myometrial network (simulating the spread of a contraction)

2. Using fast calcium imaging as a proxy for myometrial electrical activity and obtaining quantitative descriptions of signal propagation in myometrial slices

3. Building a biophysically detailed mathematical model of signal propagation within the myometrial network.

Keep track of my PhD progress using the following links:

Experimental Work

Theoretical Work


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This project is supervised by:

Hugo van den Berg

Hugo van den Berg
Warwick Mathematics Institute

Tony Shmygol

Anatoly Shmygol
Reproductive Health
(Warwick Medical School)


Andrew Blanks
Reproductive Health
(Warwick Medical School)

Thanks to my advisory committee for their advice with this project:

Till Bretschneider
Anne Green
Yulia Timofeeva