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Simulation Code

Flow diagrams and Mathematica code showing the procedures used in the simulations presented in my thesis.

1. Fully connected lattice

(PDF Document) Fully connected lattice

Mathematica code: Fully connected lattice

2. Symmetrical coupling - the Bernoulli Lattice

(PDF Document) Symmetrical coupling - the Bernoulli Lattice

Mathematica code: Symmetrical coupling - Bernoulli lattice

3. Symmetrical coupling - uniformly distributed

(PDF Document) Symmetrical coupling - uniformly distributed

Symmetrical coupling: Uniformly distributed

Mathematica code: Network diagram

4. Spatial correlation

(PDF Document) Spatial correlation

Mathematica code: spatial structure (contains code for correlation and network diagram)

5. Asymmetrical coupling - cell capacitance

(PDF Document) Asymmetrical coupling - cell capacitance

Mathematica code: cell capacitance

6. Variation in resting membrane potential

(PDF Document) Variation in resting membrane potential

Mathematica code: RMP

7. Combining cell capacitance and resting membrane potential

(PDF Document) Combining cell capacitance and resting membrane potential

Mathematica code: Cell capacitance and RMP

8. Pacemaker cells

(PDF Document) Pacemaker cells

Mathematica code: Pacemaker cells - probability of inactivation

Mathematica code: Pacemaker cells - frequency of oscillations (including creating a network diagram)

9. Voltage-dependent gap junction

(PDF Document) Voltage-dependent gap junctions

Mathematica code: Voltage-dependent model, smoothed step function