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I did 3 miniprojects in summer, 2012 which are:

Experimental biology: Expression of Hypomicrobium VS methanethiol oxidase and maturation genes

Involved attempted expression of protein methanethiol oxidase and relavent co-factors. Mostly lab based including PCR, electrophoresis and other useful techniques common in a microbiology lab.

Biophysical Chemistry: 3D materials for Bioengineered Tissue Replacements

Using microstereolithography (i.e using a light source to polymerise a selection of monomers to form complex 3D shapes) and photocurable resins produced a material that showed some biodegradability and biocomatibility, which will hopefully eventually lead to the production of 3D scaffolds for regenerative medicene. Project involved some organic synthesis, testing of mechanical properties of 3D structures, microstereolithography and biocomatibilty testing using osteosarcoma cell at University of Manchester medical school.

Maths/ Computing: Supramolecular structures built through pi-pi interaction and hydrogen bonding (Using molecular modelling).

Using NAMD molecular modelling program, I ran simulations investigating the self assembly of diphenylalanine motifs in various environment.