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MSc Mini-projects

Mini-Project 1

Supervisors: Prof. Ian Cree, Dr Richard Savage

My first mini-project was Experimental Biology. For this project I was based at the University Hospital and work was carried out in the accredited Pathology lab. The aim was to develop a protocol to investigate gene expression of ovarian cancer tumors, in particular genes identified as having a role in chemoresistance. mRNA was extracted from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded biopsy samples using the automated Maxwell 16 system. Gene expression was then analysed using TaqMan quantitative Reverse-Transcription PCR.

Mini-Project 2

Supervisor: Dr Nikola Chmel

My second mini-project was Biophysical Chemistry. This project investigated the effect of the Couette flow used to align membrane proteins in Linear Dichroism expriments on the vesicles into which the proteins are embedded. This project was motivated by the observed variation in results for LD of membrane proteins. The project consisted of the development of a protocol to produce vesicles of reproducible size and stability, followed by a systematic investigation of the effects of the Couette flow. Several lipids were tested and the effects of Couette flow on the stability of these lipid vesicles observed.

Mini-Project 3

Supervisor: Dr Richard Savage, Prof. Ian Cree

My third mini-project is Mathematics/Computational. This project is linked to my first project, and involves developing computational techniques to predict patient outcome in response to chemotherapy treatments from tumor gene expression of a panel of chosen genes.