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LaTeX Introduction:

Click here for downloadble resources regarding the creation of LaTeX documents.

If, like me, you find the TexShop standard colours boring or hard to read, I wrote a small script that'll let you change that into a couple of themes. Find it here on GitHub (instructions are here)!

Introductory Biology:

Click here for a downloadable archive of lecture resources for the section of CH932 Introduction to Chemical Aspects of Biological Systems that I taught on introductory biology.

DryLab 2010 (Wine wrapped for Mac):

Click here for the DryLab 2010 software download for Mac. Unzip the archive and then launch the application (.app) - you may want to move it to your Applications folder.

Rip any image off the web !!!Under construction!!!

A future note about how to rip any image off the web when a right-click

Save image as...

isn't an option

Follwoing these 2 questions at StackExchange

Install imagemagick like so: