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Lucy Ternent

Academic Background

2014 - Present: PhD, University Of Warwick

"Investigating the Role of 3D Chromosome Interactions in Transcriptional Noise"

Supervisors: Dr. Bärbel Finkenstädt (Statistics) and Dr. Daniel Hebenstreit (School of Life Sciences)

2013 - 2014 : MSc: Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry (Distinction), MOAC, University of Warwick  

Miniproject 1 (Experimental Biology): "Experimental Analysis of mRNA Transcriptional Dynamics"

 Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Hebenstreit

Miniproject 2 (Biophysical Chemistry): "Heparin Stabilised Magnetic Nanoparticles as Potential MRI Contrast Agents"

Supervisor: Dr. Gemma-Louise Davies

Winner of the MSc poster prize at the MOAC Annual Conference, 2014 for my work on this project.

Miniproject 3 (Theoretical): "A Bayesian Approach to Inferring the Parameters of the Two-State Gene Model from Single-Molecule mRNA FISH Data"

Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Hebenstreit

2012 - 2013: MSc: Mathematics and Computing in Biology and Medicine (Distinction), University of Birmingham

Dissertation title: "A Mathematical Model of Potential Treatment Strategies Aimed at Combating the Emergence of In-Host Antibiotic Resistance"

This project used mathematical techniques to model the emergence of in-host antibiotic resistance and investigate the possibility of targeting bacterial virulence in order to overcome this problem. Specifically, anti-adhesive therapy, based on principles of competitive inhibition, was modelled and analysed, demonstrating its potential as an effective prophylaxis against antibiotic resistant bacteria.

2007 - 2010: BSc (Hons): Mathematics (Upper Second Class), University of Leeds



University of Warwick
Email: l dot ternent at warwick dot ac dot uk