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Sharon Molyneux


"Probing the impact of mechanical resistance on cells moving in 3d environments."

October 2014-Present

Supervisors: Dr Till Bretschneider (Systems Biology, University of Warwick) and Dr Robert Kay (MRC laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Cambridge).

Academic Background:

University of Warwick

MSc Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry (Distinction) 2013 - 2014

University of Leeds

Mphys BSc Theoretical Physics (First Class Honours) 2009 - 2013

(Masters project: Mathematically modeling the stresses and deformations of adhesive cells)

MSc projects:

Miniproject 1

Spatio-temporal correlations of cell movements in early chick development. (Theoretical)

Supervisor: Dr Till Bretschneider

Miniproject 2

Polarised light spectroscopy for determination of molecular orientation in 2D systems. (Experimental chemistry)

Supervisor: Dr Nikola Chmel

Miniproject 3

smFISH to investigate the effect of gene looping on transcriptional noise. (Experimental biology)

Supervisor: Dr Daniel Hebenstreit