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During the academic year 2003-2004, I undertook three 8-week single-discipline projects based in biology, chemistry and physics as part of my MSc in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry. This allowed me to gain experience of working with a range of different theoretical and experimental techniques and to learn first-hand the differing scientific approaches of each department. Each of these projects achieved a distinction grading.

  • The first project involved working with Colin Robinson on the purification and bioimaging of Tat (twin-arginine translocase) complexes in E. coli. I presented a poster on this work at the first annual MOAC conference.
  • The second project I undertook was a solid-state NMR study of a transmembrane protein channel on the Influenza A virus in collaboration with Stephen Brown and Andreas Kukol.
  • My final project was a molecular dynamics study on the effect of choosing an Ewald or reaction-field method for treating long-range electrostatics in a small peptide simulation, supervised by Mark Rodger.