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Roy Meyler - B.Sc. Analytical Science

Through analytical science we solve problems of critical importance...


Importantly, my B.Sc. in Analytical Science employed an interdisciplinary approach that educated me in a variety of theoretical and practical aspects of chemical, biochemical and microbiological analysis.

It is my opinion that analytical science is of fundamental importance in today's information society. We see, use and benefit from the science of detection and measurement every day, from the tests performed to check the purity of medicines, to the daily monitoring of industrial wastes, to analysis in the forensic laboratory. Through analytical science we solve problems of critical importance.

Projects and Presentations

  1. Bottom-Up Colorimetric Sensor Development for the Analysis of Medically Interesting Analytes
  2. Dope Money - The Analysis of Cocaine on Banknotes
  3. Forensic Techniques for the Discrimination of Fibres and Textiles