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Cassandra Felices

Hello, Welcome to my e-portfolio

I am currently studying the MSc in Chemistry with Scientific writing at The Univeristy of Warwick MOAC DTC. Prior to joining Warwick, I attended The University of York graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry in 2012. Despite covering a wide range of topics during my undergraduate course, my main interests lie in Medicinal, Biological and Organic Chemistry. During my last year at York, I joined Dr Paul Clarke and his research group to complete a research project focused on the "Selective mono-acylation of 1,2-symmetirc diols with acid anhydrides in the presence of YbCl3 and Eu(hfc)3". My main aim during my time at Warwick is not only to expand my knowledge of Chemistry and Biology, but to enhance my capability of communicating scientific ideas clearly to a varied audience. In order to achieve this, I am taking three scientific writing modules, alongside five Chemistry and Biology modules such as synthetic chemistry (Organic), Advanced biological and medcinal Chemistry and Cellular Systems and biomolecules.

I am currently working on my MSc Research Project, here at The Univeristy of Warwick in collaboration with Martin Wills in the Chemistry Department. I will be Focusing on PNA (Protein Nucleic Acid) and TsDPEN derivatives.


Present- The Univeristy of Warwick, MSc Chemistry with Scientific Writing

2009-2012 The Univeristy of York, BSc (Hons) Chemistry

Other interests

I am extrememly interested and passionate about dance and have been a keen dancer since an early age, competing in various local and international competitions. Being a member of the Gibraltar National Dance team, I was given the opportunity of representing Gibraltar in two World Showdance Championships organised by the International Dance Organisation (IDO). I have also adopted the role of choreographer in several ocassions and was fortunate enough to choreograph a piece which was awarded a 3rd place in the World Showdance Championships solo female category. Other interests involve sports such as Volleyball, playing in the Gibraltar Volleyball Association anual women's league.


Cassandra Felices

Contact details:

MOAC DTC (Senate House)
University of Warwick

C dot Felices at warwick dot ac dot uk