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Why study at MOAC?

Learn from world-leading academics, conduct ground-breaking research and become a highly-employable graduate from the University of Warwick.

There are wide-ranging opportunities to travel as part of your studies. For example, MOAC students have travelled to Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain and the USA as part of their studies.

MOAC students have a range of diverse scientific backgrounds. We aim to provide more than just a traditional qualification, by equipping our students with the cross-disciplinary communication and transferable skills necessary to be successful in the competitive 21st century employment market.


Who we are looking for

  • You will be interested in becoming a genuinely multi-disciplinary researcher at the interface between the life sciences, the physical sciences, and mathematics, redefining the face of biology in a time where progress critically depends on the ability to integrate experimental and theoretical research skills.
  • You will have a strong degree in biology, mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, chemistry or engineering.
  • You will be looking to combine some or all of these subjects in advanced research training, so that you will be optimally prepared for a rapidly expanding field of research.
  • You will be looking for a PhD programme encompassing a wide spectrum of disciplines and research techniques so that you can tailor a PhD project to your research interests.

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MOAC is funded by the
EPSRC Life Sciences
Interface programme