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Members of the CEH

The CEH involves members of staff (both academic and research) from departments across the University of Warwick.


Dr Armstrong, Dr Bayliss, Dr Brogi, Dr Broomhall, Dr Brown, Dr Gandhi, Prof Gänsicke, Dr Hollands, Dr Kennedy, Dr Louden, Dr Manser, Dr Meru, Dr McCormac, Prof Pollacco, Dr Stanway, Dr Veras, Dr West, Prof Wheatley

A number of students have also contributed to CEH work - see here for a comprehensive list.


Dr Jonathan Heron

Film & Television Studies

Dr Catherine Constable


Dr John Pickering, Prof. Thomas Hills

Life Sciences

Dr Hendrik Schaefer, Dr Jose Guttierrez-Marcos, Prof Robin Allaby

Computer Science

Dr Theo Damoulas


Dr Michael Bycroft