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Seminar 25th January 2023 - Dr Divya Persaud (CEH + Equitea)


Please join us at the Centre for Exoplanets and Habitability for a seminar with Dr. Divya Persaud, hosted in collaboration with Equitea.

How to Attend

Divya will be speaking virtually, and there will be a stream of the talk live in the Social Sciences building, room S0.20.

You can also attend the talk online via Microsoft Teams.

What's in an Image?: Looking to an Equitable Future for Astronomy

As humanity becomes an increasingly spacefaring species, and as the technologies we use here on Earth to study the cosmos advance rapidly, there are numerous questions around community, ethics, social responsibility, and political progress that are becoming more pressing for practitioners of space science. In this talk, Divya will be discussing the history of astronomy and space exploration as it relates to both racism in the field and global colonialism, this persisting legacy, and how we can and should find solutions together moving forward.


Wednesday 25th January 2023 - 16:00 GMT


Social Sciences S0.20


Everyone is Welcome!

Image of the speaker

Dr Divya Persaud

Dr. Divya M. Persaud (she/her) is a planetary geologist, writer, composer, and speaker. She is a postdoctoral scholar supporting missions to explore Jupiter's moon Europa, with a background in using imagery to better understand planetary surfaces. Divya has spoken and worked internationally on issues surrounding the historic and cultural contexts of space exploration, including as a co-founder and co-organizer of the conference Space Science in Context and as board member of the JustSpace Alliance. Divya is passionate about bridging science, engagement, activism, and the arts.

Please see Divya's personal webpage for more information on her work.