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John Pickering, BSc DPhil (Honorary Researcher)

John Pickering



Cognitive science, especially, embodiment, enaction, consciousness and preconscious processes; The limits to artificial intelligence, artificial life and the limits to the integration of information technology into human condition; Why Transhumanism is more tedious than dangerous; The legacy of Freud and Jung; Semiotics, Biosemiotics and especially the work of Jacob Von Uexkull and Jesper Hoffmeyer; Process philosophers, especially A.N. Whitehead, Henri Bergson and C.S. Peirce; Making a critical synthesis of process thought Deleuze and Merleau-Ponty; Constructive postmodernism as it applies to science and psychology; Eastern systems of psychological thought, especially Buddhism; Ecopsychology and Deep Ecology, especially the work of Arne Naess, David Abram and Gary Snyder.

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Representative Publications:

  • Pickering, J. (2007) Is Wellbeing Local or Global? A Perspective from Ecopsychology. In Well-Being: individual, community and social perspectives. Edited by J.Haworth and G.Hart. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
  • Pickering, J. (2006) The first-person perspective in postmodern psychology. In Buddhist Thought and Applied Psychological Research: Transcending the Boundaries. Edited by Tori, C. and Nauriyal, D. London: Routledge Curzon Press
  • Pickering, J. (2004). Whitehead and Embodied Cognition: Implications for Therapy. In Consciousness Studies from a Whiteheadian Perspective. Weber, M. & Riffert, F. (Ed.s). Vienna: Peter Lang. Whitehead-Psychology Nexus Studies II.
  • Pickering, J. (2003). Psychology Moves Towards Whitehead. In Riffert, F. & Weber, M. (Ed.s) Searching for New Contrasts: Whiteheadian Contributions to Contemporary Challenges in Neurophysiology, Psychology, Psychotherapy and the Philosophy of Mind. Vienna: Peter Lang. Whitehead-Psychology Nexus Studies I.
  • Pickering, J. (2001). Human Identity in the Age of Software Agents. In Cognitive Technology: Instruments of Mind, edited by Beynon, M., Nehaniv, C. & Dautenhahn, K.. Springer, Berlin. Pages 442 – 452.
  • Pickering, J. (2000). Methods are a Message. In Investigating Phenomenal Consciousness: Methodologies And Maps. Edited by Velmans, M.. John Benjamins: Amsterdam. Pages 279 - 300.