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Collaborative research projects: We will provide a fund for longer collaboration visits between members of the network to enhance collaboration and to test ideas developed across the network in the context of different physical systems. These projects will be discussed at the GNDMs and FWs to broaden and optimise the collaboration base. This fund will enable us to carry out a number of “pilot projects” to explore the practical aspects of the emerged synergies. Emphasis will be on broadly collaborative and targeted projects which are relevant to real world problems put forward by industrial partners. This will ensure that research activities will lead to specific outcomes, such as full research proposals to fund more detail studies. Some fraction of this fund (to be determined after the list of requested visits is known) will be given to visit individuals that are not current members of the network.

The total funding available to support these projects is about 27,000 GBP for three years and can be used for travel and accommodation expenses of academics and/or PDRAs. Visit "Submit Project" link above, to request funding for the project. Voting on projects will only occur if the requested funding exceeds allocated finds, in any given period.