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Staff & Student News

University Award for Astronomers

Congratulations to the Astrophysical Transients team of Andrew Levan, Danny Steeghs, Ryan Cutter, Ben Gompertz, Joe Lyman, Sam Oates, Elizabeth Stanway and Krzysztof Ulaczyk as runners-up in the 2018 University Awards, for their detection of electromagnetic light from merging neutron stars, triggered by gravitational wave signals. The team's research has already appeared in 15 papers, enabling th…

Feature News

Dr Daniel Bayliss comments on the discovery of 'the building blocks of life' on Mars

Commenting on the discovery of ancient organic molecules on Mars by NASA's Curiosity rover, Dr Daniel Bayliss, assistant professor in the Astronomy and Astrophysics group at the University of Warwick, said: "Today we learnt of the breakthrough discovery of organic compounds on Mars. This is so exciting…

Research Updates

image Is Gravity a Quantum Force?

A new proposal could be the first to test if gravity is quantum.

Athena Swan Silver Award iop_juno.png

The Welfare and Communication Group (WCG) works to promote good working practices and gender equality in Physics.