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Focus Workshops Schedule

Organisers Title Date Location
T. Evans Probing non-equilibrium steady states: the theory of large-deviations 10/07/2013 Imperial College
A. McKane Non-equilibrium statistical physics of populations in biology economics and the social sciences 08-09/04/2014 University of Manchester
F. Essler From classical to quantum non-equilibrium 29-30/05/2014 University of Nottingham
J. Chalker & C. Castelnovo Emergence and far from equilibrium phenomena in frustrated magnetic systems 6-12/07/2014 Queens' College Cambridge
D. Kovrizhin Emergence and fractionalization far from equilibrium 26-27/08/2014 Oxford University
T. Evans The connecetd past: archeological challenges and complexity 08-09/09/2014 Imperial College
G-L Oppo Negative Temperature States and Non-Equilibrium Systems 23-24/10/2014 University of Strathclyde
T.Rogers Collective Behaviour in Growing Systems 18-19/11/2014 University of Bath
J. Bhaseen Mathematical Physics of Non-Equilibrium Quantum Systems 18-19/12/2014 King's College London
P. Ashwin & S. Chapman Nonequilibrium dynamics of climate systems 05-07/01/2015 University of Bath
S. Henkes Physics and Biology of Active Systems 23-24/06/2015 University of Aberdeen
T. Galla Non-equilibrium statistical physics and emergence in biological systems 09-10/07/2015 University of Manchester
M. Weigel Modelling change in socio-economic systems 13-14/07/2015 University of Coventry
B. Hnat Non-equilibrium plasma systems at Dynamics Day Europe 07/09/2015 University of Exeter
R. Morris Interdisciplinary Applications of Statistical Physics 09-10/09/2015 University of Manchester
M. Evans Classical and quantum matrix product states: exploring the structure of non-equilibrium states 10-11/09/2015 University of Edinburgh
M. Fromhold Hybrid quantum systems far from equilibrium 09-10/11/2015 University of Nottingham