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X-ray Diffraction Facility

_mg_1248-15.jpgThe X-ray diffraction suite at the University of Warwick is a Research Technology Platform (RTP) offering state-of-the-art X-ray scattering services, primarily for materials research. The suite is headed by the academic director, Professor Richard Walton, and the facility manager, Dr David Walker with support from our SAXS specialist, Dr Steven Huband, and our senior technician, Dave Hammond. It was founded by Professor Pam Thomas. Our team are highly knowledgeable and have multi-disciplined expertise. For further information and any enquiries regarding the use of these X-ray facilities for industrial work please contact the facilities manager Dr David Walker or visit the Warwick Scientific Services website.

The X-ray RTP is located on the 3rd floor of the new Materials & Analytical Science (MAS) building and is well equipped for the study of the structure of a wide variety of materials including single-crystals, epitaxial thin-films, polycrystalline layers, ceramics and powders under both ambient and non-ambient conditions. The suite currently houses five powder diffractometers, two high resolution diffractometers and two single-crystal diffractometers for small molecule structural solution. A powerful Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) system for elemental analysis from B - U.

A dedicated Small Angle X-ray Scattering system (SAXS) is available for measurements of polymers and other nanomaterials in a variety of sample forms, included liquid dispersed nanoparticles, gels, powders and thin films (GISAXS).

The X-ray suite is available for contract work by industrial users at competitive rates. A wide range of services are available, including powder diffraction for phase identification, structural determination, accurate lattice parameter determination, in-situ diffraction, stress & texture measurements, SAXS, XRF, single-crystal structural solution and more. A variety of forms of sample can be accommodated from large single crystals, liquid dispersed nano-particles, thin-films, and solids to ceramics and powders.



      Thu 26 Mar '20
      Covid-19 Shutdown

      Although Warwick University is currently closed due to Covid-19, the X-ray facility staff are working from home and can be contacted by email to assist with analysis or other queries related to X-ray diffraction and scattering.

      Wed 08 Mar '17
      External Equipment Hire

      Our facilities are available for external contract work and investigations. Please contact us or visit Warwick Scientific Services for more details.

      Mon 04 May '20
      Paper of the Month

      D. S. Cook, M. R. Lees, J. M. Fisher, D. Thompsett & R. I. Walton, Ga2.52V2·48O7·33(OH)0.67, a synthetic member of the nolanite/akdalaite-type family of oxyhydroxides containing trivalent vanadium

      Thu 23 Apr '20
      Paper of the Month

      Z. Luo, Z. Liu, D. Walker, S. Huband, P. A. Thomas, N. Zhang, W. Ran & Z.-G. Ye, Meso- to Nano-scopic Domain Structures in High Curie-Temperature Piezoelectric BiScO3-PbTiO3 Single Crystals of Complex Perovskite Structure

      Wed 08 Apr '20
      Paper of the Month

      A. Fayter, S. Huband & M. I. Gibson, X-ray diffraction to probe the kinetics of ice recrystallization inhibition

      Thu 26 Mar '20
      Paper of the Month

      F. Lermyte, W.-Y. Zhang, J. Brooks, S. Huband, J. F. Collingwood, M. R. Lees, M. P. Rayman & P. J. Sadler, Metallic iron in cornflakes

      Fri 06 Mar '20
      Paper of the Month

      L. K. McLeod, G. H. Spikes, R. J. Kashtiban, M. Walker, A. V. Chadwick, J. D. B. Sharman & R. I. Walton, Structures of mixed manganese ruthenium oxides (Mn1−xRux)O2 crystallised under acidic hydrothermal conditions