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For elemental analysis, we are equipped with a Rigaku Primus IV Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (WDXRF). Analyser crystals provide the energy resolution, enabling a high sensitivity (low background) and avoiding the line overlaps which are commonly seen in Energy Dispersive (EDXRF) and associated electron microscopy techniques.

With a high-power 4 kW tube, we are able to measure elemental compositions down to .ppm levels from boron to uranium for solids, powers, liquids, thin films and alloys. Our instrument is also equipped with small-spot mapping system, which allows for a particular area of a sample (as small as 0.5mm dia) to be identified using a camera, and then analysed.

XRF Spectrometer

Our Rigaku Primus IV instrument

We also have sample preparation capability and can produce pressed-pellets, and fused beads using our Fluxana Vitreox fusion machine, allowing for sample homogenization and thus more accurate results. Two complement this, we have two Fluxana calibration standard sets (Raw/Cement) for highly accurate analysis of cements and raw materials.

fused bead

Fused bead preparation: Left, sample entering furnace, right: finished bead (in this case, a slag sample)

Sample Presssoil pellett

25t sample press, and finished pressed pellet (a soil sample for trace metal analysis)