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Registration (08:30-09:00)
Opening ceremony (09:00-09:20)
Session "New instruments and advanced techniques for space research" (09:20-11:00)
1. Multifrequency Siberian Radioheliograph S. Lesovoi
2. Synthesis Imaging and Data Processing of Chinese Spectral Radioheliograph L. Xu
3. Design of Frame Transfer Area scientific CCD Imaging System Y. Zhang
4. The low frequency solar radio observations in Yunnan Observatory W. Min
5. Results of development of the new Solar Meter-Wave Spectropolarimeter (SMWS) N.O. Muratova
Coffee break (11:00-11:20)
Session "New instruments and advanced techniques for space research" (11:20-13:00)
6. Solar Radioastronomy in the Age of ALMA M. Barta
7. Design and implementation of a solar radio interferometer of two elements J.C. Guevara Gómez
8. Interferometric observations of the Sun by Irkutsk incoherent scattering radar L.K. Kashapova
9. On measurements of blue Balmer continuum flux in solar flares: Instrument and first results P. Kotrc
10. Motion amplification in coronal seismology S. Anfinogentov
Lunch (13:00-14:30)
Session "New instruments and advanced techniques for space research" (14:30-16:10)
11. Image simulation for Mingantu Ultrawide Spectral Radioheliograph in the decimeter wave range J. Du
12. Calibration and data processing for MUSER W. Wang
13. The Study on Solar Image for Position Error in the Chinese Spectral Radioheliograph D. Liu
14. MUSER-II Analog Receiver System Designing and Developing L. Geng
15. Measuring and simulating the polarization leakage for MUSER C. Su
Coffee break (16:10-16:30)
Session "MHD oscillations in solar magnetic structures and space plasma" (16:30-17:50)
16. Oscillation stratification characteristics in sunspot penumbrae D.Y. Kolobov
17. The measurement of the sound speed and emission formation heights above sunspots using multilevel observations of three minutes oscillations A. Deres
18. Parameters of oscillations in solar faculae magnetic knots A.A. Chelpanov
19. Short and long-time evolutions of MBPs D. Utz
Welcome party (18:30-TBD) at Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS


Session "MHD oscillations in solar magnetic structures and space plasma" (09:00-10:40)
1. Cut-off period for slow magnetoacoustic waves in coronal plasma structures A.N. Afanasyev
2. Convective instabilities in a magnetized solar atmosphere D. Kąc
3. Nonlinear equation for magnetoacoustic waves in heat-releasing completely ionized plasma N.E. Molevich
4. Three-wave interaction between linearly polarized Alfven waves and powerful acoustic wave in thermally unstable optically thin plasma D.I. Zavershinskii
5. Numerical simulations of sheared magnetic lines at the solar null line B. Kuźma
Coffee break (10:40-11:00)
Session "MHD oscillations in solar magnetic structures and space plasma" (11:00-12:40)
6. Forward modelling of MHD waves in the solar corona D. Yuan
7. Experimental evidence of drift-compressional waves in the magnetosphere M.A. Chelpanov
8. Phase relations for seismology of photospheric flux tubes Yu.T. Tsap
9. Studying the CaII K line profile shapes and dynamic processes in the solar chromosphere at the base of coronal hole I.P. Turova
10. Short-time oscillations in the quiet solar corona D.V. Prosovetsky
Lunch (12:40-14:20)
Session "Wave dynamics and flare activity" (14:20-15:20)
11. Sunspot waves and flare energy release R. Sych
12. Magnetoacoustic waves propagating along a dense slab and Harris current sheet H. Meszarosova
13. Detection of quasi-periodic rapidly propagating EUV intensity perturbations using SDO/AIA C.R. Goddard
Session "Flaring energy release: from magnetic fields to particles and waves" (15:20-16:00)
14. Flaring Energy Release: Consequences of Ballooning Mode Instability A.V. Stepanov
15. Fine Structures in Flare Current Sheet L. Jun
Coffee break (16:00-16:20)
Session "Flaring energy release: from magnetic fields to particles and waves" (16:20-18:00)
16. Direct boundary integral method for solar nonlinear coronal force-free fields S. Yu
17. Evolution of the magnetic free energy in solar flare with spectral hardening L.K. Kashapova
18. Initial Burst Events from MUSER Y. Yan
19. Cold Solar Flares: Statistical Study with the X-ray and microwave data A. Lysenko
20. Relations between parameters of solar activity and solar energetic particle events V.I. Kiselev
Public lecture: "Seismology of the solar corona" Valery Nakariakov [Russian language] (18:00-19:30) or Library Tour (18:00-19:00)


Session "Flaring energy release: from magnetic fields to particles and waves" (09:00-10:40)
1. Two-loop flare SOL2012-07-06: relationship between heating, acceleration and circular polarization sign inversion in microwaves A.T. Altyntsev
2. Analysis of the polarization degree inversion in the solar flaring loops S.A. Kuznetsov
3. Multifrequency investigation of the microwave fine structure source D. Zhdanov
4. Radio Type III Burst Pairs and the Derived Energetics in Source Regions of Solar Flares B. Tan
5. Characteristics of SEP events produced by solar flares during evolution of the active region and their relationship with radio and HXR solar emission I. Myagkova
Coffee break (10:40-11:00)
Session "Quasi-periodic pulsations (QPP) in solar flares” (11:00-12:40)
6. Simulations of gyrosynchrotron emission from an oscillating magnetic loop A.A. Kuznetsov
7. Analysis of the quasi-periodic pulses in the 2012 August 18 flare based on a new complex of radio instruments observations N. Meshalkina
8. Hilbert-Huang transform analysis of QPP in a solar flare in the radio band D. Kolotkov
9. Effect of sausage oscillations of a flare loop on characteristics of its gyrosynchrotron emission V.F. Melnikov
10. Quasi-periodic pulsations with minute period in microwave and X-ray emissions during the flare on May 6, 2005 E. Kupriyanova
Lunch (12:40-14:20)
Session "CMEs and waves in space plasma" (14:20-16:00)
11. Oscillations in CMEs V.M. Nakariakov
12. The Broken Lane of a Type II Radio Burst Caused by Collision of a Coronal Shock with a Flare Current Sheet G. Gao
13. RELEC Experiment on board Vernov Mission - space weather study I.N. Myagkova
14. Comparative characteristics of the solar wind streams in low-latitude and polar regions of the outer corona of the Sun A.V. Kudryavtseva
15. Mechanisms of large scale MHD wave amplification and penetration into the near-Earth's space D.A. Chuiko
Coffee break (16:00-16:30)
Summer School: "Solar Eruptions, Associated Waves, and their Manifestations in Radio Emission” Victor Grechnev (16:30-18:00)
Conference dinner (19:00-TBD) at restaurant "Izum"


Summer School: "Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in the solar corona, solar wind and in geomagnetosphere" Vladimir Mishin (09:00-10:30)
Coffee break (10:30-11:00)
Summer School: "The Sun observed from space: an overview of data analysis techniques" Giuseppe Nistico (11:00-12:30)
Lunch (12:30-14:00)
Summer School: "Application of time series analysis in solar and astrophysics" Ding Yuan (14:00-15:30)
Coffee break (15:30-16:00)
Summer School: "About (wavelet) methods that can help us to study complex fine structures of radio dynamic spectra" Hana Meszarosova (16:00-17:30)
Public lecture: "The Variable Sun" David Pascoe [English language] (18:00-19:30)


Excursion to Badary Radio Astrophysical Observatory (note: for non-students only and over 9 hours duration)


Boat excursion at Lake Baikal (cost 3500 RUB including lunch):

09:30-11:00 Bus trip from Irkutsk to Listvyanka
11:00-15:00 Baikal excursion on “Babushkin” ship (lunch will be served onboard)
15:00-16:00 Free time
16:00-16:30 Trip to the Baikal museum
16:30-17:30 Visiting the museum (260 RUB)
17-30-19:00 Bus trip from Listvyanka to Irkutsk