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Warwick Offers Multidisciplinary Research & Transferable Skills

  • Encompassing Warwick's pioneering interdisciplinary doctoral training centres
  • Providing opportunities for students and staff to research across scientific disciplines with sophisticated skills training
  • Offering leading advanced transferable skills courses for postgraduates and post-doctoral science researchers

Upcoming modules:

Portfolio Submission

Individual Modules:

You can submit individual modules to be signed off at any time during the year by delivering them to the Transferable Skills Admin Office, M3.09, Top Floor, Senate House.

Did you know you can now submit your complete portfolio October, April and July each year?

If you have completed 6 or 3 modules you may submit your complete portfolio to the Transferable Skills Admin Office, M3.09, Top Floor, Senate House by 4th October 2018, 30th April 2019 or by 30 July 2019.

6 modules - Postgraduate Certificate

3 modules - Postgraduate Award

Place all the complete modules (signed off) in your portfolio and ensure that you have included a filled-in cover sheet.

Other Professional Development courses and modules available to all university students can be found below:

Warwick SkillsForge Pages


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