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About us

Equipping scientists for the changing face of science in academia and industry, Warwick provides opportunities for students and staff to research across scientific disciplines. Our sophisticated skills training allows us to ethically maximize the effectiveness of our research and researchers; our staff are recognised experts both in their own scientific careers and in the development of postgraduate students.

Transferable Skills training encompasses all Centres for Doctoral Training and all departments within Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine. Transferable skills courses are offered to both postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers.

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Defining our terms

Multidisciplinary Science

Research that inherently requires expertise in two or more discrete scientific disciplines and in the relationship between them.

Interdisciplinary Science

Research at the interface between two or more discrete scientific disciplines.

Single-discipline Science

Research that is mainly or completely undertaken within the boundaries of a single discipline.

Transferable Skills

The essential abilities required to perform effectively and succeed in a professional role in any field.


Our team

There are many staff, both senior and junior, across the University who work for or with transferable skills programme.

Dr Nikola Chmel is the programme director. Nikola is an academic with strong credentials in transferable skills and multidisciplinarity.

To contact the PGC Transferable Skills in Science Administrator please email (transferable dot skills at warwick dot ac dot uk)