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Peer Review workshop

Early career researchers receive peer review comments on their journal articles and on applications for funding. There is also an expectation that they will find opportunities to be a peer reviewer. However, there are limited opportunities to get insights and training into how to find such opportunities and how to conduct peer reviews.

This workshop will provide an insight into the following:

• why you should be a peer-reviewer

• the process of peer review in a scientific journal

• tips/advice for peer reviewers

• practical exercise of peer reviewing

• responding to peer reviews


13:30 Introduction to peer review

13:45 Benefits of being a peer reviewer (peer reviewers’ perspective)

14:15 The process of peer review in a scientific journal (the editor's perspective)

15:00 Break

15:15 Peer review in practice − giving and receiving

16:30 Summary of the workshop and follow up

Chair: Dr Charikleia Tzanakou, PAIS, PLOTINA project

Guest Speakers

Dr Gareth (Gaz) J Johnson - is the Senior Editor for Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal, published by Warwick’s Institute of Advanced Study (IAS), in association with their Global Research Partners. He maintains research interests in the political economy of open access publishing, and has an interdisciplinary background as a communications scholar, pharmaceutical researcher, information management practitioner and radio broadcaster. He is a HEA Fellow, and past Chair of the UK Council for Research Repositories, and the Forum for Interlending and Information Delivery.

Dr Sara Kalvala - has been peer reviewing for computing journals and conferences for over 20 years and recognized by EPSRC for significant contribution as both a reviewer and participation in funding panels. She is also a featured reviewer for ACM Computing Reviews.

Dr Sara Salem - Sara Salem is on the editorial board of the journal Historical Materialism. Historical Materialism appears quarterly, is based in London, and publishes widely in the areas of Marxist theory and research.

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The Workshop will take place in the MOAC Seminar Room, Top Floor, Senate House, turn left at the top of the stairs.