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Seasonal WIS

Warwick Women In Science, aided by Research Network Funding from the LDC, have launched a series of regular network events designed to encourage conversation around the core WIS themes. Involvement in the organisation and development of these events is open to the whole WIS network, lead by the WIS committee.


We held our third Seasonal WIS event on the 9th July, which explored Unconscious Bias. Sandy Sparks from the LDC facilitated an interesting discussion for our delegates from across the Warwick community, with great feedback received to help us build future events for 2015/16.


Our second Seasonal WIS event was held on the 13th April, and addressed the issue of Gender from the lesser explored male perspective. We were joined by Paul Minehane, a keynote speaker with industrial and academic experience, who shared his views on how gender did (or did not!) influence life in the work place. We then used "speed debating" to explore various topics, before coming together over a working lunch to draw up some concluding comments and themes. Photos and reactions from this event can be found on our Twitter feed, with the hashtag #SwisGender.

Outputs generated from this event are being used as the basis for one of our breakout sessions at our annual 1-day conference, WIS A Day With... 2015 later this year. The delegates also expressed their belief that "Unconscious Bias" was a natural partner to the topic of Gender, leading to the selection of this topic for the July Seasonal WIS event.


Our first Seasonal WIS event was held on the 8th December, addressing Imposter Syndrome, a topic frequently raised as a challenge in feedback from our network members. For details of the event, please click on the event flyer below, and also check out our Twitter feed, where we used the event hashtag #BanishingtheImposter.

Seasonal WIS - Dec