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Women In Science - Previous Events

WIS A Day With... 2014


Further details of WIS A Day With... 2014 can be found here

WIS A Day With... 2013


Further details of WIS A Day With... 2013 can be found here

An Evening With... Science Career Success Stories




Ever wondered how Academics juggle work and a home life? How they got their first break? What influenced their career path other than the offer of a great job? How many grants or fellowships they applied for before they got their first one? Well the “WIS An Evening With…… Science Career Success Stories” speakers hope to help answer some of these questions. Our 2 speakers are at very different stages of their career but both can offer an insight into the world of science.

Our Speakers are:



Our first speaker, Vita Majce, is a 2012 UNESCO- L’Oréal International Fellow. She is a research fellow between 2 departments, the School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick, UK, and Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. After studying Biochemistry at undergrad, she gained a PhD in Organic Chemistry in 2012 from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her work focuses on the design, synthesis and evaluation of new antimicrobial compounds that inhibit the bacterial cell wall biosynthesis. However, in her current position within the Structural Biology Group she has gone back to biochemistry and is also exploring the area of protein-protein interactions to understand how enzymes work together to achieve efficient production of intermediates, particular those involved in peptidoglycan biosynthesis.



Our Second speaker, Frances Ashcroft, is a Royal Society Research Professor at the University of Oxford, a Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford and a Fellow of the Royal Society of London. Her research aims to elucidate how changes in blood glucose levels regulate insulin secretion from the pancreatic islets of Langerhans and how this process is impaired in diabetes. In particular she has worked on the ATP sensitive potassium (KATP) channel and its link to neonatal diabetes. She has received many awards, most recently, the L'Oréal/UNESCO For Women in Science award. Frances has also written a best-selling book for the general reader, Life at the Extremes. Her latest book is the The Spark of Life (2013).


Any queries please contact k dot ruane at warwick dot ac dot uk



 Women In Science Symposiums


The programme for WIS 2011 is available here.


Many of us have a passion for science and the desire to pursue a career in the scientific world, however as women, we face some unique obstacles and challenges:

  • Can we succeed in Academia?
  • Can we become successful leaders? What steps can we take, now, in our early careers, towards this goal?
  • Can we leave Academia and succeed in Industry? Are the challenges different?
  • How much does having a family have to interfere with our career? Do we have to make a choice?
  • Why aren't there more women in prominent positions in scientific fields?
  • Should there be more women in prominent positions in scientific fields?
  • What can women offer to science that is unique?

Here is a taste of what WIS will offer:

  • The event will open with an inspirational lecture from a prominent and successful woman in a scientific field.
  • There will be an interactive session with Dr Alison Rodger on leadership and assertiveness, which will fulfill some of the criteria for Transferable Skills module "Decision Making and Leadership" - CH955.
  • Speakers from a variety of backgrounds will talk about their careers and offer their perspectives and the challenges and opportunities offered to women in science.
  • A selection of breakout sessions will examine relevant issues in more detail.
  • A panel discussion with a variety of inspirational women will take place over lunch.


You can see some photographs of previous events here .

We are hugely grateful to Alison Rodger and everyone at MOAC for hosting the event, and to all our wonderful speakers.
We felt like the event was really great, and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!


Women in Science 2011

Here's a link to the 2010 programme.

Our 2011 keynote speaker will be Diana Garnham


Diana is the Chief Executive of the Science Council and also sits on the Council of Nottingham University. She is a trustee of several charities including Sense About Science, the Spinal Research Trust and the Benevolent Society of Blues. Formerly head of the Association of Medical Research Charities, Diana is committed to improving public engagement in science and gender equality in various scientific disciplines. Although not a scientist herself, Diana brings valuable "outside" insight into the Science Council and therefore improves communication between scientists, scientific bodies, politicians and the public.

Diana wrote an article for the UKRC's GetSET Women Blog (which you can read here ) which demonstrates her interest in the issues that we at WIS are committed to and we are very excited to have her as our keynote speaker!


Women in Science 2010


Here's a link to the 2010 programme.

Our 2010 keynote speaker will be Vivienne Cox

Vivienne is the former CEO and Executive Vice President of BP Alternative Energy and a former member of the BP Executive Management Team. She is currently Chairman of the Board of Climate Change Capital and sits on the boards of Rio Tinto plc and INSEAD. She is a patron of the St Francis Hospice charity. Her career began with an MA in chemistry from Oxford University and she has also received an MBA from INSEAD and an honorary doctorate from the University of Hull.